Weed Your Mind

Mind Weeds - Press Onward CoachingDon’t you love the sense of accomplishment you get after a spring day spent cleaning up the garden? You’re tired and sore, but you feel relaxed and get to enjoy the beauty and see a clear difference. Imagine having that happen in your mind. When is the last time you “weeded” out your mind? Unlike garden weeds, you can never get away from mind weeds. They follow you into every conversation, relationship, success, failure, dream . . . you probably get the drift here.

It’s time to do some cleanup in your head! All you need is a couple of tools. First, you need grace. Give yourself a break! Second, you need truth. Grab onto some facts and make those mind weeds wither!

Do any of these sound familiar to you? Pick up your tools and give them the old heave-ho!

“I can’t change” This is one of the easiest ones to pluck out, because it’s pretty easy to look back a few weeks or months and find loads of evidence that you’ve changed. Sheesh, just look at some of your old hairstyles! If you can stop using that much hair spray, you can do anything.

“I’m a failure” This one is really good at stopping you in your tracks and preventing you from ever trying anything. It’s also really sneaky. We all fail at things, often many times in a day.  That doesn’t make us failures. It makes us people who tried something and found a way that didn’t work. Scratch that particular way off your list and move on.

“I deserve this” This is one of my favorite ones to hate, because it shows up in a few completely different forms. Sometimes it’s the innocuous but annoying form, used to justify a treat. What exactly does it mean to “deserve” a shopping spree that broke your budget? Other times it’s the narcissistic (also annoying) form, usually spewed in bitterness when someone doesn’t get the promotion/raise/adoration they’re convinced should be theirs. The most dangerous form, though, is the one that’s sometimes used to explain a tragedy. Deaths of family members, companies closing their doors, and disease are not always punishments sent down from heaven. Look around and you will quickly see good people suffering and bad people prospering. Sometimes life is just painful. Grieve the loss, but don’t believe for a minute that you caused it by being a terrible person.

“I’m not making progress” This just masks the all-important small changes and improvements you’re making. If you’re working on a goal, take the time to look away from the finish line and back toward the starting line. You’ll find that even though the finish line always seems to be just over the horizon, the starting line is fading out of view, too.

Dig these buggers out by their roots and nourish the thoughts that actually get you somewhere. You’ll be amazed at how the good ones can grow when they’re not being crowded out by the weeds.