Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Gratitude Muscle

Gratitude is like a muscle. The more you use it, the more it grows. The opposite is also true, but not only does it shrink and wither without use, it seems to get replaced by complaint muscles. Complaint muscles are ugly, bulky, and tend to make people stay away. Science has shown time and again […]

Count Your Blessings

What We Can Learn From the Winter Games

Sports competitions are great parables about life, success, and even failure.  In the parts of the Olympics you didn’t skip, you may have noticed some key concepts about how we should act, in competition and in life. Keep going. Did you watch much ice skating?  It was hard not to see at least some of it […]

Have a Nice Day

Ever wish you could do something to make your day better?  It’s amazing how easy it can be, even in the midst of stresses about money, your over-packed schedule, the weather (it’s February, people – what do you expect?), or health concerns.  If you put the 5 simple ideas below into practice, I GUARANTEE your […]

Give a Lasting Gift

What gifts do you remember most from childhood?   The Shaun Cassidy album?  Electronic football game?  Superstar Barbie?  Tickle Me Elmo?  Nintendo?  Which ones impact you today?  Did any of them change your life? Gifts that can be wrapped and put under the tree are fun to give and receive and can have a long-term […]