Goal Setting

Habits to Improve Your Day

Do you start every day with sunshine and a smile? Do you end it with a contented sigh? Would you like to? It may seem a little out of reach, but it’s far more attainable than you may think. There is actually a skill involved, and all skills can be taught. What a relief that we […]

Habits to Bookend Your Day

Stop Making New Year's Resolutions

Before You Make Those New Year’s Resolutions . . .

Don’t. Just don’t. The Pit of Broken Resolutions is not a fun place to try to climb out of. You know. You’ve been there. It’s not that you didn’t try. You gave it your best shot. If it makes you feel any better, that puts you with 92% of people who made resolutions. Forget resolutions. Be […]

Want to be Productive? Stop Multitasking

We live in a busy world, and it seems as if we’re always being asked to do more.  So, the best solution must be to do multiple things at once, right?  Well, not quite. This may surprise you, but we do not have the ability to multitask. Unless you’re doing things that don’t require focus, like […]


New Year's Resolutions

How About Those Resolutions?

We’re two weeks into a new year.  I won’t ask if you’ve kept any of your resolutions, because I’m just not that mean.  Everyone knows that by the end of February, there are plenty of parking spaces at the gym and church, and people are maxing out their credit cards again on unhealthy meals and […]