Be Happy

Habits to Improve Your Day

Do you start every day with sunshine and a smile? Do you end it with a contented sigh? Would you like to? It may seem a little out of reach, but it’s far more attainable than you may think. There is actually a skill involved, and all skills can be taught. What a relief that we […]

Habits to Bookend Your Day

Count Your Blessings

Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Gratitude Muscle

Gratitude is like a muscle. The more you use it, the more it grows. The opposite is also true, but not only does it shrink and wither without use, it seems to get replaced by complaint muscles. Complaint muscles are ugly, bulky, and tend to make people stay away. Science has shown time and again […]

Enjoy Every Day

Quit Waiting and Enjoy Every Day

Are you waiting for the Next Thing?  You know, the next big event, promotion, date, spontaneous influx of cash?  Or are you enjoying the day, as it is, with the pile of bills, nothing terribly exciting on your social calendar, and your team suffering yet another humiliating loss? Some say life is short.  Sometimes, though, it […]

Skip the Apple and Have a Laugh A Day

 “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” Sounds nice, but skipping the sugar and having a laugh a day may just be even more effective.  That’s good, because there’s always something to laugh at in life. The health benefits of laughter have only been recently discovered, so it was easy to find the first […]

Apple or Laugh

Mood Boosting Pencil

30 Seconds and a Pencil: A Simple Hack to a Better Mood

I know what you’re thinking. “30 seconds and a pencil, huh? Am I going to draw myself happy? Write ‘I am happy’ over and over until I feel it?” This trick is even easier. You can even do it while you’re doing something else. In fact, you can do this while driving without endangering yourself […]

Have a Nice Day

Ever wish you could do something to make your day better?  It’s amazing how easy it can be, even in the midst of stresses about money, your over-packed schedule, the weather (it’s February, people – what do you expect?), or health concerns.  If you put the 5 simple ideas below into practice, I GUARANTEE your […]