Habits to Improve Your Day

Habits to Bookend Your DayDo you start every day with sunshine and a smile? Do you end it with a contented sigh? Would you like to?

It may seem a little out of reach, but it’s far more attainable than you may think. There is actually a skill involved, and all skills can be taught. What a relief that we don’t just have to be born that way!

It’s not necessarily easy to take control of your outlook, but it’s simple. Most importantly, it’s possible.

Whatever you focus on grows. This law of nature is true whether you’re focusing on something positive or negative. It’s all up to you.

That doesn’t mean you can just snap your fingers and make yourself different. Skills take some time to build, but with the right habits in place, you can do it.

Questions to Start Your Morning With the Right Focus

1. What do I have control of? Even if all you can think of that you can control are your thoughts and reactions to situations, it’s something. You can’t control other people, but you can decide how you want to respond to them. You can’t control traffic, but you can decide what you’ll do with all that time in the car.

2. What am I grateful for? Gratitude is good for your mood and your overall health, even if you’re thinking about something as basic as having a bed to sleep on. For some people that would be a huge thing.  The more you think about what you’re grateful for, the more you’ll find to be grateful for. It’s like a gratitude snowball!

3. What am I hopeful about? There is a lot of future ahead of you and things can always change. Do you have hope that God is working for your good? Do you have hope that you can make changes and adjustments?

4. What am I going to enjoy today? Even in the midst of difficulty and struggle, there are little things to enjoy ~ music, flowering trees along your commute, a laugh with a friend.

5. What do I need to do today? To do lists are fabulous tools for giving your day some structure and purpose. Be realistic, though! Remember you want to set yourself up for success. Write it down so you can give yourself the satisfaction of crossing items off as the day goes on.

These are a great way to start your morning with the right focus, and when you keep them in mind they’ll help your mood and attitude throughout the day. Of course you also want to end your day well…

Questions to End Your Day Right

1. What did I accomplish today? Keep in mind that if you’ve had an especially busy or stressful day, small things count as accomplishments. Did you make that phone call you’ve been putting off? Did you take out the trash when you really didn’t feel like it? Did you go through that stack you’ve been ignoring for a week on the kitchen counter? Count it!

2. What am I grateful for today? Yes, this is a repeat. That’s because powerful things should always be repeated! Again, it could be big or small things you think about here. Ending the day with gratitude will help you sleep better, give you better dreams, and set you up for a great day tomorrow.