Habit Design

Habits to Improve Your Day

Do you start every day with sunshine and a smile? Do you end it with a contented sigh? Would you like to? It may seem a little out of reach, but it’s far more attainable than you may think. There is actually a skill involved, and all skills can be taught. What a relief that we […]

Habits to Bookend Your Day

Count Your Blessings

Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Gratitude Muscle

Gratitude is like a muscle. The more you use it, the more it grows. The opposite is also true, but not only does it shrink and wither without use, it seems to get replaced by complaint muscles. Complaint muscles are ugly, bulky, and tend to make people stay away. Science has shown time and again […]

A Busy Day Doesn’t Have To Be A Stressful Day

Today is going to be busy. There are things to do and not enough time to do them. Between the time and brain power needed to accomplish all that needs to be done, it’s looking like an impossible feat. You can feel it in every part of your body: the knot in your stomach, the […]

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Life Without Willpower

Willpower is not your friend. When you need it most, it’s not there for you. It leaves you high and dry time and again with nothing to show for it. It’s time to break up with ol’ Will. At the very least, it’s time to radically re-define your relationship. It’s not really Will’s fault. Let’s […]

Magic Stress Reduction Switch

Five Things You Can Do Today to Take Control of Stress

Have you ever had someone tell you that you just need to lower your stress?  Did you want to strangle them?  (As an aside, that desire probably proved them right.)  When they add the word “just” into the sentence, it makes it sound so easy.  “Just flip the switch to the down position, and your […]

Want to be Productive? Stop Multitasking

We live in a busy world, and it seems as if we’re always being asked to do more.  So, the best solution must be to do multiple things at once, right?  Well, not quite. This may surprise you, but we do not have the ability to multitask. Unless you’re doing things that don’t require focus, like […]